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Real Food

Our only house rule:

We have put some effort & care into creating and preparing our food. We hope you will like it

just the way it is... we thank you to not make changes or alter our food in any significant way


Are these the Best Sandwiches in Nanaimo?

All sandwiches 11.95


  1. BBQ Chicken: spicy roasted chicken thigh, rf mayo, rf bbq sauce, tomato, rf pickled red onion, cheddar & lettuce.

  2. TunaMelt Panini; Tuna salad, cheddar and pickled peppers. (grilled)

  3. Italian Panini: italian salami, pesto, rf mayo, mozzarella, tomato & rf pickled red onion. (grilled)

  4. BLT-C-G: bacon, lettuce, tomato, rf chipotle-mayo & rf guacamole. (add an organic egg $1 more)

  5. Vegetable : pesto, rf lemon cream, cucumber, tomato, rf roasted red pepper, rf pickled onion & lettuce.​

  6. Hamazing Panini: rf roasted ham, cheddar, mozzarella, tomato, pickled peppers, rf russian dressing & rf mustard. (grilled)

  7. Original Chicken: spicy roasted chicken thigh, rf pickled onion, rf roasted bell pepper, asiago, arugula & rf mayo.

  8. Tuscan Burger: Italian sausage burger, mozza, cheddar, onion, lettuce, rf mayo, rf mustard & rf BBQ sauce.​

  9. Best Grilled Cheese: Smoked Cheddar, caramelized onion & rf mustard.

  10. Lox on a Bagel: Lox on toasted bagel with lemon - dill cream cheese, capers, avocado, pickled red onion and sprouts


Soup & Sandwich, your choice $17.95

(rf; refers too 'real food', made by us here in the restaurant)


Are these the Best Salads in Nanaimo?

All entre salads 17.95


  1. Chicken salad: spicy roasted chicken thigh, rf roasted red pepper, rf pickled onion & feta cheese on a bed of mixed greens tossed in a maple sherry shallot dressing with sunflower seeds.​

  2. Mixed vegetable salad: Cucumber, rf roasted red pepper, rf pickled red onion, tomato, herb pesto & rf lemon cream on a bed of mixed greens.

  3. California BLT salad: Iettuce, corn, avocado, tomato, feta and bacon with a maple sherry shallot.

  4. Chef Salad: free range egg, rf roasted ham, spicy roasted chicken thigh, potato, tomato, cheddar & mozzarella on a bed of mixed greens topped off with a ranch dressing.

  5. Salmon Lox Salad: Salmon lox, avocado, capers, pickled red onion, sprouts, lemon dill cream on a bed of organic mixed greens tossed in a maple sherry vinaigrette


Side Salads 5.95


  1. Organic mixed greens in a maple sherry shallot vinaigrette.

  2. Chefs choice, changing often.


Are these the Best Soups in Nanaimo?

4 soups every day, changing often

(covid 19 has changed our offerings, call for details)

Soup-regular one cup 6.60 large two cups 10.75


Real coffee, Various teas and cold drinks.



Is this the best Cake in Nanaimo?


"You know you want me"


A perfect blend of flavor and sweetness…

so good you must be WARNED… these cakes are addictive.


The Orange Cake $66

The Lemon Cake $78

The Black Chocolate Cake $78

The Coconut Lime Cake 66

Vanila chocolate creme brule cheese cake $105

The Nanaimo Cake $78

Peanut butter chocolate fudge brownie cake $78

Carrot cake $78

The Tiramisu $78


By the slice, cakes range from $7.50 to $9.95


(whole Cakes require two days notice)


#3 321 wesley street Nanaimo B.C.


Real Food open Monday to Saturday 10:30 am to 3:00 pm

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